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1/ Pre-operative management of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries *Preparing the area *Circulatory stimulation 2/ Post-operative management of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries *Drainage of edema *Scar management 3/ Post-breast cancer and other cancers care *Scar management *Softening of post-radiation fibrosis *Removal of adhesions *Management of lymphedema *Reduction of muscle tension *Pain relief 4/ Scar management *Recent or old (e.g. appendicitis, C-section, mole, etc.) *Defibrosis *Relaxation *Optimization of healing 5/ Burns and severe burns *Pain relief *Work on scars *Defibrosis objective 6/ Circulatory problems *Heavy legs *Venous insufficiency *Oedema and lymphedema


BODY ENDERMOLOGY * Refines the silhouette * Anti-cellulite action * Slims areas of trapped fat * Firms the skin * Stimulates blood circulation * Dynamizes lymphatic drainage

FACIAL ENDERMOLOGY *Restore microcirculation and oxygenates the skin for an instant result *Decongests the eye area and drains toxins for a harmonious complexion * Real ''lifting effect'' by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles * Restores density to the skin, refines the double chin, firms the facial contour

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